Feir is best known for their customer service.  There's a history that spans decades of the experiences that customers enjoy when they visit a Feir shop.  The tradition of offering great service at a great price lives on today at Feir market places.

Should your store become Feir Certified?

Well it's quite obvious if given the opportunity, any store should become Feir certified.  A Feir certified store shows their customers that they are the top of the line store that can be trusted.  They will attract more customers and the customers will return as all Feir certified stores represents a place where it's safe and secure to perform any purchasing transactions.  Do not hesitate and begin your Feir certification process today.

Offering Discount codes to new Feir customers.

That's correct!  We do offer discount codes to our new customers.  We do this so that we can gain more customers and make a higher profit as there's only a small cost on our end to add additional customers.  So search the web and you'll find coupons for our certification.  And if you do not find any, it's most likely that you were lazy and just continue searching.  Feir coupons are all over the web and it's easy as pie to find.  But for those who hate using coupons as it's below their standards, please feel free to pay full price or a bit more if it pleases you. 

How easy is it to add a Feir Certification?

Okay if you have any clue as to how to add an HTML link, then you can definitely add a Feir certification badge to your website or store.  We make it so simple to add that make can do this on their own.  But for those who need extra help, well you can follow our youtube video for monkeys.  We're not calling you a monkey, just saying our videos are so great that monkeys can follow the instructions.

Learn more

There's so many more things you can learn from us so, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be adding more content to our website on a daily basis.